You have used your powerful abilities for a life of crime at your own accord, that is until The Corporation took notice. Now all you want is to get out, but they are making you complete one last extremely dangerous heist for them. Will you complete it so that you may see your family again, or will you fail? The choice is yours. Use your dream shifting powers to complete the puzzles in this 2D, cyberpunk platformer made in Unity.

Sleeping Rogue was originally made for Gamepads. (Works on Browser)

Keyboard Controls are as follows:

  • Movement - WASD
  • Jump/Confirm - Space
  • Interact - F
  • Dream - E
  • Push - Shift
  • Peak - Arrow Keys
  • Pause - Esc


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Cool game. I like the dream mode you created. It is very unique to the game. It works great with the control not so much with keyboard. Continue the good work dude

Thank you so much for playing, we appreciate the feedback!